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Hi everyone!!! who come to my DevOps notes, this is just saving the best tutorials I already tested and used.Most are copy & paste from Online searching.If I have a free time , I will write by Myanmar Language.

KaungThant Lwin

About me

DevOps Engineer || CTF Player || Solution Architect

I am Kaung Thant Lwin from Myanmar. I was graduated with B.C.Sc (Software Engineering) from UCSM. I studied about Software Engineering, Computer Science, Cloud Computing, and Cyber Security( with self-learning) since I was under graduated. Now I'm currently working as DevOps Engineer at Duwun Media(One of the leading Digital Media in Myanmar).I am also CTF player and I participated in many CTF Competition. I love to share everything I know and I want to learn new things that I don't know. I also did sharing in many Workshops, Barcamps and Universities and still sharing I know. That is all about of me.